27 Mar 2015

Dubai property developers wiser or none the wiser?

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dubai-skylineDespite the increasing prices and the cooling measures placed to prevent overheating, the property sector of Dubai is still economical compared to the global property market. The prices of luxury realty options in the emirate are way below those of London, Hong Kong, New York and Monaco, and the real estate developers of Dubai are aiming to cash-in on this prime factor. Read more

27 Mar 2015

Let Feng Shui do your spring cleaning this year

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Feng ShuiSpring is commonly referred to as the season of renewal, manifestation of dreams and celebration of love. After a long winter, spring grants life to the snow-capped terrains and there is greenery everywhere. As spring cleans the land around you, perhaps you should follow the suit and clear the clutter of your house and improve the flow of positive energy in your house. Feng Shui can always help you with your spring cleaning and do wonders for your personal energy. Here are some powerful spring cleaning Feng Shui tips for your home. Read more

26 Mar 2015

Top Ten localities in Dubai during Q1 2015

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ArticleeSince the beginning of 2015, Dubai has accumulated commendable investors’ attention. Despite the efficiency of the cooling measures that were placed to prevent the market from heating up, Dubai performed positively throughout 2014. This year, many people are considering investing in the real estate options of the emirate so here are the top ten localities for buying properties in Dubai. Read more

26 Mar 2015

Upcoming hot investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s realty sector

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Abu Dhabi betterWhile Dubai has always been sparky developments and high-end residential options, Abu Dhabi has been carefully instilling stability in its realty sector while simultaneously integrating a rich cultural environment and offering affordable residential options to its residents. Today, lets unveil some of the projects of Abu Dhabi that have been given a “go ahead” by the governing authorities and will add further charm to the emirate once completed. Read more

25 Mar 2015

 Area Guide: Khalifa City A

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Khalifa City AOne of the most popular residential communities of Abu Dhabi among expats and daily commuters to Dubai is Khalifa City A. The locality is actually a suburb of Abu Dhabi, but features such facilities and amenities that some people even prefer it over the central city. The proximity to the airport increases its desirability among discerning buyers further. Read more

25 Mar 2015

Expert Interview: Elysian Real Estate

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elesianBayut.com had a detailed discussion with UAE-based Elysian real estate to illuminate the property investors and property buyers about the views of the company on the general happenings of Dubai’s realty sector. Elysian real estate hails as one of the best property brokerages in the Emirates, and we are grateful that they took the time to provide us with their valuable insight into various aspects of Dubai’s real estate market. Read more

24 Mar 2015

Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2015 to offer unique investment horizons to GCC investors

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Cityscape 2015Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the ninth edition of Cityscape Abu Dhabi is set to open its doors to all national and foreign investors and property buyers on 21 April 2015. Read more

24 Mar 2015

Top Ten secrets to make any room attractive

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top ten

Whenever people buy an apartment, villa or a townhouse in Dubai, they are generally concerned about its interior décor. Some hire interior designers, others hit the World Wide Web in search of appealing décor ideas. While every opinion may strike differently to various individuals and every other décor idea may not feel right for a specific room, here are ten secrets that can make the interior of any room better. Read more

23 Mar 2015

Décor ideas for people inhabiting studio apartments in Dubai

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studioIf you are an artistic young soul who has secured a good job in Dubai, then a studio apartment could prove to be the best residence for you. Actually a studio apartment is just an open plan apartment like a clean canvas waiting to be painted upon. There are no separate living, dining or sleeping areas and you have to unleash your creativity to designate these areas while simultaneously creating distinction among them. Here are some excellent ideas that might act as food for thought or an inspiration for your studio décor. Read more

22 Mar 2015

Area Guide: Deira

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DeiraBeing the old centre of Dubai, Deira offers you everything in close proximity and at affordable costs too. The locality is crowded, and you may find home in many older buildings here too, but the best part about Deira is that if you are a penny pincher with positive views of saving for a better future, this is just the place for you! Read more