01 Oct 2014

DTCM: Dubai set to add 35,000 budget accommodations by 2020

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yellowDubai happens to be quite self-sufficient when it comes to luxury hospitality rooms, but are there any economical hotels when it comes to sightseeing on a budget? This question has been asked by many who want to travel to Dubai, but answers have been few and far between. Read more

30 Sep 2014

Where are people looking to rent apartments in Downtown Dubai?

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downtown dubaiWhen it comes to renting apartments in Dubai, a slight drop in rental price brings in new tenants, which is the reason why the rental market here is never stagnant. In addition to that, the expats in Dubai, too, may find it easier to move to another apartment if their rents are raised enough to beat the assorted costs of moving. For these expats, keeping an eye on the market is very important. Read more

29 Sep 2014

Keep calm, there’s no bubble! Or is there?

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Keep calm there's no bubble

Whenever there is mention of a property bubble, the first word that strikes us is Dubai. It was a sad and unfortunate event where many people lost their money and the developers had to put their projects on hold. Over the years Dubai has managed to get back on its feet again. Investors came back and this time, many were observed to be once bitten twice shy. Read more

26 Sep 2014

Dubai high-rises rank among most expensive skyscrapers in the world

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Dubai is famous the world over for skyscrapers galore, and not only that, this global city seems to have spent a lot on skyscrapers to rank among the list of countries with the most expensive high-rise buildings. Read more

26 Sep 2014

Bayut.com at Cityscape Global 2014

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Bayut Cityscape

Some much-needed activity in the property market of Dubai was witnessed at Cityscape Global 2014, the biggest real estate event of the year. Bayut.com, which is the leading property portal of the UAE, was the official online media partner for the event, and we made sure that Cityscape Global 2014 had tons of eager eyes and ears checking out the excellent new projects launched by various developers. Read more

26 Sep 2014

How Dubai Tram System can influence the property market

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Dubai Tram

It is beyond any doubt that Dubai is winning the race to become the most advanced in terms of real estate development, technology, fashion or food; you name it and either Dubai has it or it’s getting it. Read more

24 Sep 2014

Affordability Thy name could be Dubai

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Dubai may not be the most inexpensive of all cities in the world – heck, it is eighth on the list of world’s most expensive cities – but the cost of living in the emirate today is 16 percent less than what it was in 2008. In a recent turn of events, Dubai has dropped two positions in Savills’s list of the most expensive cities, which is an improvement no doubt. Previously occupying the seventh spot on the list, the city is now the ninth-most expensive in the world. Read more

24 Sep 2014

What do decreasing Business Bay rents mean for you?

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business bayDuring the third quarter of the year, rents in prominent communities of Dubai have been seen experiencing a slight dip. While this may not affect the prime areas, since demand for residential units there is fairly high, tenants in secondary areas can surely enjoy these minor rent decreases. Business Bay is one such community in Dubai where the third quarter of 2014 is bringing apartment rents down. Read more

23 Sep 2014

6 Simple Hacks for Decorating Small Apartments

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Good bachelor apartments are hard to come by in a city like Dubai, probably due to the rising rents. What most people forget while hunting for the best apartments is the fact that a good apartment is not determined by its space and rent, but by the comfort that it brings to you. Read more

22 Sep 2014

Developers unveil eye-catching projects at Cityscape Global!

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Whispers about another property bubble are still buzzing around, but property experts maintain that the new laws are effective in stabilising the property market. While many were of the view that the developers of Dubai will continue to sail along the safer tides, Cityscape Global 2014 exhibited that rare enthusiasm of Dubai developers which we all were missing since the beginning of the year 2014. Read more