23 Oct 2014

Real estate agents alert: Lock all empty villas or suffer vandalism!

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Many of the vacant for-sale villas in Dubai are being left unlocked by neglectful real estate agents. This gives juvenile delinquents an open invitation to practice their ‘art’ on residential units that are put up for sale. Imagine walking into your villa and finding vibrant depictions of unmentionable acts on your living room wall. Yes, that’s what possibly awaits you if you have placed your trust in a neglectful real estate agent! Read more

23 Oct 2014

Back to the top: Dubai becomes one of the most sought after real estate investment markets

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Dubai real estate is back to the top

Dubai has once again proven itself to be one of the most promising real estate investment havens in the world. The emirate currently stands proud among the top 50 cities witnessing the most real estate investment around the world. Read more

21 Oct 2014

Where and in what would you invest $100 Million? Answers from the experts!

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 At the Global Real Estate Summit, organised by Cityscape Global last month, the top real estate experts were presented with a single question: Where and in what would you invest $100 Million? Here are their interesting answers: Read more

21 Oct 2014

UAE’s first Real Estate Brokers Summit turns out to be an absolute success!

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Dubai develops

In an effort to keep those involved in the buying and selling of real estate in the UAE up to speed with the latest procedures and regulations impacting the real estate industry at large, Cityscape Global launched the region’s first Real Estate Brokers Summit. Read more

17 Oct 2014

Secrets to buying off-plan property in Dubai

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Nearly everyone in Dubai have second thoughts whenever they are buying off-plan properties. The main reason behind this is the unfortunate crash Dubai’s property market experienced in the past where many people lost their money. Luckily for the investors and home buyers, Dubai has a habit of learning from its mistakes and this time around buying off-plan properties is much safer. Read more

16 Oct 2014

100% refund to property investors: law awaits approval

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Dubai takes various steps from time to time to regulate its real estate sector, protect the rights of property investors, and curb any factors leading to the formation of a property bubble. Read more

15 Oct 2014

Is your real estate agent good enough for your hard-earned money?

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real estate agent

Do you know that of all the real estate agents who offer you the best property options in Dubai, there are only a few who can lead you with the best investment? In the pursuit of finding the best agent, one can check whether the agent is RERA-trained and -certified, but is that all there is to the chase? If you have that curiosity, here are a few secrets that will enable you to find the best agent in town. Read more

14 Oct 2014

Taj Arabia to charm Dubai by 2017

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taj arabiaTaj Arabia, the replica of Taj Mahal, is set to mesmerise Dubai in early 2017. The construction work on this project was delayed several times in the past but Linkglobal, the developers of Taj Arabia, have now moved closer to getting the needed approvals for the construction of this development. Read more

10 Oct 2014

GITEX Technology Week Promises Further Business Activity In Dubai

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GITEX Technology Week is one of the most important events where leading professionals from communications and information technology meet. The event is taking place from October 12th-16th 2014 in Dubai. Read more

03 Oct 2014

The top three communities for buying residential property in Dubai

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searchThe soaring property rates in Dubai have alarmed many investors, who are currently willing to read every bit of information that includes the term “property bubble” in it. While many private and public bodies concerning the real estate sector of Dubai have ruled out the chances of a possible property bubble, some investors are considering selling their properties in Dubai right now and returning to the market as soon as it cools down a little. Read more