22 Aug 2014

Buying property in Dubai for personal use? This is what you need to know!

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Dubai Villa Bayut

So are you thinking about buying property in Dubai? Perhaps a villa or an apartment? There is no doubt that the prices are nearing their peak and Dubai is living up to the promise of a realistic boom in the real estate sector, not to mention the attractive employment opportunities that the emirate has to offer. So have you ever wondered, before buying a specific property in a specific locality, whether a villa or an apartment would be the most appropriate property for you? Read more

20 Aug 2014

Plastic Spoon Chandelier: doing it the ‘DIY’ way

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plastic spoon chandelier 9

If you, like millions of other people across the globe, have savored the delights and portability of takeout food then have you ever wondered about the things you can do with the significant amount of plastic cutlery that’s left behind? This week we shall make a chandelier out of all those spoons that you may have horded all these years, if you haven’t chunked them away. Read more

19 Aug 2014

Will the realty market return to its former glory with off-plan properties still in its way?

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As we observe the construction projects in the UAE leaping for higher bounds, it seems that the bricks, mortar, concrete, steel and glass are finally making their mark on the realty market.  As per the latest reports, there is an ongoing speculation or rather an estimation (phrasing it correctly) that owing to the number of realty projects currently under the hammer, the property market may return to its former glory sooner than anyone expects.

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15 Aug 2014

So close yet so far: What creates the pricing chasm between Dubai Marina and JLT?

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DUbai Marina and JLT

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), two localities positioned opposite to each other and separated only by Sheikh Zayed Road, present the beholders with the architectural magnificence of Dubai, but if they, our awestruck beholders, are aiming to buy property in one of those high-rises they would know the pricing chasm that exists between the two. Read more

13 Aug 2014

What does Dubai Canal project have in store for you next?

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Dubai is one exotic piece of land in the world that seems never to run short of islands and canals.  The emiraties profoundly preach and practically practice the mantra “if you don’t have it make”. Read more

12 Aug 2014

Smart Furniture Hacks for Confined Studio Apartments

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furniture hacks

It is beyond a doubt that Dubai holds world’s largest amount of foreign workers. The amount of these foreign workers has increase as the number of real estate development projects have increased within and around the emirate. Read more

11 Aug 2014

Market Trends of Investing in Ready V/S Off-Plan Properties

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off plan

It is not a hidden fact that ready properties always have a greater monetary value than off-plan projects in any part of the world. Read more

08 Aug 2014

How much you need to own a House in Dubai

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Dubai maybe yet the best emirate among all in UAE but the best emirate demands more and most from its residents. The living cost can alone take a handsome toll on a citizen. Owning a personal home in a global metropolitan like Dubai is not an easy task. Read more

07 Aug 2014

Dubai:The Cost of Living

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Where UAE boasts of many exotic treats Dubai is indeed top of the line. Even though the emirate is a treat to reside in yet the most basic question is of the living expenses. Living in Dubai asks for rent, transport and food. Moreover one ever looming question is how much does one person need to own his own real estate heaven in Dubai? Read more

06 Aug 2014

Experts report Dubai real estate to peak up in 2015

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Dubai real estate to peak in 2015Rise, fall and a complete market crash are a few facets associated with Dubai real estate market. Rise and fall of property market in Dubai is of a cyclic nature. It is in this regard that major real estate firms have predicted Dubai real estate industry to see its pinnacle in 2015.
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