23 Apr 2014

To make your summer in Dubai exciting …

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Summer is Dubai

Dubai can no longer let the summer heat scare off its tourists since the emirate is looking to host a certain number of visitors by 2020. The reduced number of business and leisure travellers during the mid of the year has made the concerned authorities to come up with a plan to deal with it. Read more

23 Apr 2014

Abu Dhabi tenants promoted to owners, courtesy of rental spikes

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Abu Dhabi Buildings

The removal of rental cap in Abu Dhabi was met with much criticism and protests of tenants. Some considered moving to neighbouring emirates while others had no choice to cut their luxuries and move to the secondary market. Many thought that the shift of tenants due to the removal of rental cap would have a negative impact on the property market, but it seems that the government really knew what it was doing. Read more

22 Apr 2014

Decorating apartments in Dubai with family heirlooms

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heirloom 5

Are you planning to leave you old home and travel to Dubai in search of a better life? If so then before moving, consider your family heirlooms and the old furniture of your house. Furniture in Dubai is usually costly and furnished apartments are even more expensive. I would recommend if you give your apartment or villa a vintage look and establish an exquisite aura of your culture by highlighting your heirlooms. Read more

22 Apr 2014

Dubai welcomes you to “secured” safe haven

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Life in Dubai just got a bit more secured! Dubai’s attempts for a smart city have reinforced further its security standards. How? Dubai has utilised the latest technology to kick up another notch, the real time monitoring of its buildings. 60,000 buildings across Dubai are under surveillance! Read more

21 Apr 2014

Buying an apartment in Dubai? Here’s some help!

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property help

If you are one of those people who think that letting your property agent make all decisions for your investment in Dubai is foolhardy, then this article is precisely for you. It is seen that most people are cautious of real estate agents these days for some of the oldest are the same who contributed to the crash of 2008. Thanks to RERA, this concern has been neutralised effectively! Read more

21 Apr 2014

Compared to Q1 2013, Bayut unveils 36% escalation of UAE real estate

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Downtown skyline

After thwarting all speculations of property bubbles, the property market of the UAE continues with its upward trend. According to the statistics of Bayut.com, a leading property portal of the UAE, property prices of the emirates experienced an overall escalation 35.90% in the first quarter of the current year compared to Q1, 2013. Read more

18 Apr 2014

Will Dubai utilise glowing lines technology to get rid of street lights?

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Glowing lines

Dubai is aiming to be the most modern city of the world. Recently Dubai tested the drone technology to deliver official documents to different buildings and plans were unveiled that air drones would be used for delivery of documents in future. With such advanced mechanisms, one wonders whether Dubai will utilise the glowing lines technology on its roads to get rid of street lights and give itself another tourist magnet. Read more

18 Apr 2014

Visiting Dubai? These activites will make your time worthwhile!

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Exciting Dubai

Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations of the world. In my opinion, it is the only tourist destination of the world. Don’t agree with me? Just tell me in how many places would you find police officers patrolling in super cars or where in the world can you do snow skiing in the desert and see penguins marching about at noon in July? If you are planning to visit Dubai, these few locations will really make your stay worthwhile! Read more

17 Apr 2014

Q Group develops luxury resort on the UK island in Dubai

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UK IslandTo the joy of the tourists of Dubai, The World Island project is having a luxury resort developed on its UK Island. Many tourists have expressed their desires of spending quality time on The World Islands of Dubai which presents a Venetian structure and exquisite views of Dubai’s skyline. Read more

16 Apr 2014

Paint your apartment to renew your tenancy contract!

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PaintingIt has been observed that a number of landlords are putting their heads together, brewing up schemes of getting their apartments vacated in order to put them on higher rents. Sometimes the landlords are seen to be giving ridiculous excuses or reasons to tenants while serving them notice of eviction but one of the most genuine reasons to serving eviction notice is the improper maintenance of the property and in this article we would be discussing how to stand clear of such things. Read more