18 Dec 2014

Reclaim that old tyre and turn it into a trendy table!

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Tyre Table featured

New furniture is always expensive and the trendier it is, more expensive it becomes. Although unarguably, a bit of online research always lands you with the best bargain in the market, but why buy when there are things in your house that can help you with what you need?

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17 Dec 2014

World’s top real estate markets revealed!

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MarinaWhile the real estate markets across the world continue with their ever increasing trends and their relentless efforts to become the top performing property market, there are still those that are quite difficult to topple from their resolute positions. Is such a competitive environment, Dubai has outperformed the rest and has emerged as the top performing realty market this year.

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17 Dec 2014

Where to find upturned hulls of Viking ships in Dubai!

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Do you crave for a Swedish lifestyle in the UAE? If such are your cravings then Dubai can make your dreams come true. Although the window is a bit tight, it exists and you too can take advantage of it if you are quick enough to grab the opportunity. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Read more

16 Dec 2014

Area Guide: Dubai Marina

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Dubai Marina blog

Home to the highest residential and serviced apartments along with some attractive hotel options and an array of entertainment destinations, Dubai Marina is, and has always been, the most popular locality of Dubai. The construction of Dubai Marina started only a decennium ago and the locality is now the centrepiece for the entire emirate. Featuring attractive marinas, yachts docking areas, walkway promenade, and beach at a walking distance, Dubai Marina is your best bet for a lavish lifestyle in Dubai. Read more

15 Dec 2014

The Awe-inspiring Dome of Saadiyat Cultural District finds its Place!

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Louvre-Abu-Dhabi-planWhat is dubbed to be the universal museum in the Arab Works and a beacon attracting the art lovers of the world to the UAE, is slowly but steadily taking its shape. Located at Saadiyat Cultural District, the development heralds the unforgettable experiences that the tourists of Abu Dhabi will savour in the days to come. Interestingly according to the latest reports the development is nearing its completion and is slated for delivery in 2015.

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12 Dec 2014

Dubai takes you on a Trolley ride

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After Dubai Tram, what could residents and Dubai lovers possibly expect from the emirate? Perhaps a world-class trolley system that makes its way towards Downtown Dubai! Read more

11 Dec 2014

Residents/Expats Alert: These 2 factors may affect your savings in UAE

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Pinching pennies for the rainy days has always been observed among the prudent as a habit of the wise. The tenants of the UAE, in the wake of its booming real estate and improving economy, must save for the rainy days for the rents are bound to rise as the realty market prospers. Read more

10 Dec 2014

UAE Developers On Project Launching Spree

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UAE ariel

While people may think that the prices are slowing down in Dubai and perhaps, it might not be the best time to invest, the real estate developers of Dubai think otherwise. Recently, five new projects were launched in the UAE and this indicates the increasing investors’ and developers’ confidence in the property sector of the emirate. Read more

09 Dec 2014

How to choose the perfect design for your walls

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There are always times in one’s life when one just gets tired of their living room or bedroom and wants to add something to what one already has. Adding beauty to your wall could help you fill the emptiness you feel within your abode. Here are a few ideas that can enable you to give a new look to your good old home. Read more

08 Dec 2014

2020 Reasons to Buy Off-plan Property in Dubai

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jumeirah islands News

Dubai may be an oasis in the deserts of the UAE, but when it comes to real estate, it’s heaven for property investors. Everyone knows the perfect recipe for investment; you buy them young and sell them at their prime (real estate properties). For the emirate of Dubai, due to the unfortunate crash of 2008, many people fear buying off-plan properties, but the government of Dubai is quite strict on the developers this time around. Why? Two words, Expo 2020! (And also because the emirate is running out of oil and is relying heavily on its real estate market). Read more