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03 Jan 2011

Real estate marketing strategy for selling properties in Dubai

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Marketing strategy is the roadmap that guides the marketing efforts towards the ultimate goals. Behind all business success stories, there is always an effective marketing strategy in action, out of which success evolves. Without a proper strategy you might get some trivial accomplishments but not the long term success. If you are a Dubai real estate agent, you might have managed to sell some properties in Dubai real estate without having to work on any kind of strategy in the past, mainly because back then, Dubai economy and real estate markets were blooming. But now, when the boom is all but over, you cannot expect to have that kind of luck. In today’s Dubai property market, you must lay down a multi faceted strategy to be able to sell or rent a property in Dubai.

The person who is in charge of developing and executing marketing strategy must be aware of the goals and objectives. Before devising a marketing strategy, make sure that you’ve done the research and you are in do doubts about the likes, dislikes, and preferences of your targeted customers. Next, you need to choose your marketing medium. Property agents and real estate brokers in Dubai haven’t fully comprehended the importance of internet as yet. Internet is not a medium that you can afford to overlook in your real estate marketing strategy, since a big percentage of home buyers or tenants now search on internet for Dubai properties. You can easily create your own website or take advantages of our Dubai property portal as an alternative. Similarly, you must include using social networking websites in your strategy to get the leads.

Other than the internet, you can consider using classified section in newspapers, ads in magazine, or marketing at real estate events, flyers, signs, and similar tools to attract the customers. If you are dealing with high end properties, you can go as far as sponsoring some real estate event to attract high end buyers. Relying on just one or two mediums is not enough, the idea is to develop a multi-faceted strategy. You’ll also need to come up with goal oriented marketing copies to be used in different promotions.

As a final point, you must be evaluating the strategy from time to time, in particular with the changing scenarios and market conditions in Dubai property market.

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