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05 Sep 2011

Ways to attract tourists and investors to Dubai

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Dubai is the seventh most visited city of the world. It receives about 8 million visitors per year. The world’s best architectures and designers have put-in their best efforts to make Dubai as magnificent as we know it today. The number of people who visit Dubai annually is still half of what the cities like London and Paris witness. Middle East has all the potential to double this number and to do so the Government of Dubai should address the complaints which tourists and foreigners normally have about the city. This post discusses them in detail and also suggests the ways to make Dubai more attractive for the tourists and investors.


  • Loosen the “Laws”


Being a Middle East state; Dubai is obligated to maintain certain code. But it is also a fact that tourists hate to be restricted unless they are visiting some place for sightseeing. The biggest element which keeps visitors away from Dubai is its law. There are restrictions on drinking, dress code, passport and most of all PDA (public display of affection). For a destination with warm beaches and grand hotels, these restrictions put people off. It is quite odd to see the elements, which attract a particular set of visitor, barricade with such restrictions. And any place which is desirable for the tourists offers best prospect for the investors too.

To fix this issue, Government of Dubai should think about reserving a larger part of the city for the Western tourists who can’t help showing skin when the sun is out. This part reserved, for the adults Westerners, should be open for hard drinks, escorts, beach massage, sand bath and related activities.


  • Give nightlife its due share


Being on vacation means having loads of fun and the idea of fun is incomplete without music. Although there are other destinations which offer such activities on massive scale but the tourists want what they want and where they want to make their trip exhilarating. And the music does this to the best. Absence of bars and night clubs mean missing half of the people who would otherwise become regular visitors to a certain place.

Dubai needs to promote local music, performance of international DJs and hold concerts because these are the activities which make people forget if they have any other option for travelling. The Middle Eastern music and musical instruments are catchy enough to entertain the foreigners and consequently the investors and using it as a tool to attract them would not require a big investment. Same goes for night clubs and bars.


  • Promote the local culture


One of the biggest attractions for any tourist is the culture of the place which they intend to visit. Sadly there is very less to witness in Dubai which reflects the nomadic life style of the people. One thing from Middle Eastern culture which you can enjoy in Dubai is Shisha. Even Shisha is not limited to Dubai anymore but the variety of flavours and the number of Shisha cafes available there is matchless to any other destination.

Most of people who desire to see the beauty of the desert at its peak head to Dubai but they surely miss out on starring at the unending horizon, beautiful twilight shades of the Arabian Desert, the clear blue night sky with countless stars and all of that blended with hypnotic Arabesque music. The Government of Dubai can make their thousands of year old Middle East culture become the most attractive thing for the foreigners by simply being themselves.

To know more about the factors which keep people from visiting Dubai and investing in the local projects, stay-put!

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